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The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Accident Attorney

On Florida’s roads, accidents involving big trucks—such as semis or tractor-trailers—and smaller cars, like autos, can have disastrous consequences. Compared to other auto accidents, trucking accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries due to their enormous size and force. They also frequently result in more intricate legal challenges. Getting the money you are entitled to for your losses requires hiring the top Jacksonville truck accident lawyer. If you are looking for experienced Truck Accident Attorneys, visit https://www.jacksonvillecaraccidentlawyer.net/truck-accident-lawyer/ for guidance and Free Consultation!

Although trucking businesses must abide by stringent laws and safety procedures, both managers and drivers frequently break these guidelines. A skilled attorney can pinpoint every element that led to your collision and get the at-fault parties pay for your losses.

Truck accidents can result in very serious injuries, such as persistent brain trauma that renders victims crippled or in excruciating pain, or spinal cord injury. These wounds may need lifelong clinical care, which may increase the cost of medical expenses and cause missed income. It is necessary to carefully evaluate all of your losses and the degree to which they have impacted your life in order to secure the highest possible compensation for your injury claims. Your past and future losses, as well as your financial damages, can be calculated with the assistance of a Jacksonville truck accident attorney.

A competent Jacksonville truck accident lawyer will put a lot of effort into looking into your case, obtaining information, and constructing a compelling case that blames the irresponsible party for your damages. They will also be able to assist you in getting paid for lost wages, medical costs, and pain—both physical and emotional. In addition, if the defendant’s actions were particularly heinous, they can help you pursue punitive damages.

It is crucial to select a truck accident claim handling company that has a track record of handling personal injury claims. Even while a multi-lawyer practice might have more resources available, an accomplished solo practitioner is still someone you shouldn’t undervalue. It is advisable to take into account the attorney’s level of familiarity with Florida’s truck accident legislation. Click here to contact the #1 Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida.

Serving customers in the Jacksonville region, Jimenez Law business is a full-service private practice law business. Its lawyers have more than 35 years of expertise representing wounded people and their families in wrongful death and insurance company cases. The firm’s lawyers are adept in mediation procedures, insurance negotiations, and courtroom representation.

Tomas A. Jimenez, a renowned truck accident lawyer in Jacksonville, established his own practice in 2010. He deals with a broad range of personal injury cases, including those entailing collisions with trucks. He has assisted individuals in obtaining verdicts and settlements totaling more than $10 million for their injuries. In addition to having an AV-Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubble, he is a member of the Florida Bar.

The Kirilloff Jowers legal company is situated in the center of Jacksonville’s downtown and specializes in a variety of cases, including truck accidents. Every case is started by its attorneys with a comprehensive investigation to find and save evidence of fault. They are devoted to defending their clients’ rights and have a track record of successfully obtaining the highest possible compensation for their clients.

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11, Jun
Joint Custody Vs Sole Custody – Pros and Cons for Parents and Children

One of the most difficult decisions divorced parents must make is what type of custody arrangement is in their child’s best interest. In general, joint legal and physical custody is preferred by most family law professionals. It provides children with the opportunity to have a relationship with both parents and it gives each parent a significant amount of responsibility in the child’s life. However, joint custody isn’t right for every couple or child. For example, if you and your spouse or ex-spouse have an acrimonious relationship that makes it nearly impossible to work together to advance your child’s interests, you may want to seek sole custody. If your spouse has a history of neglectful or abusive behavior, you may be better off seeking sole custody to protect your child from that parent.

The court will look at the entire situation and the individual needs of your child before making a decision about custody. A judge will likely award you with some form of joint custody if both parties can cooperate and agree about the child’s best interests. However, a judge may award one party with sole legal and physical custody if the other party presents a risk to the child’s safety and well-being. This can happen if your spouse or ex-spouse is a known drug user, has a record of domestic violence or has been convicted of child abuse. In this scenario, the judge may decide that it isn’t safe for the non-custodial parent to be allowed to visit with the child at all.

A judge will also consider the child’s unique needs when determining a physical custody agreement. The court may award you with equal joint physical custody or may split your time with the child roughly in half. In either case, the child will spend roughly the same amount of time at each parent’s home.

Cons: It can be stressful for a child to have to switch between homes on a regular basis. It can be hard on the parents who must constantly communicate with one another to make the arrangement work. Ultimately, it can be very disruptive to a child’s schooling and social development.

Pros: It is easier for the child to maintain relationships with both parents if they are regularly in each parent’s home. This can provide a sense of consistency and normalcy for the child. The children will be able to keep in contact with extended family members, which can be beneficial to their emotional development.

It is important to note that this article is only a general overview of the topic and should not be taken as legal advice. The laws on child custody vary from state to state, so you should contact a local family and divorce law attorney in Miami for help with your specific situation.

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