4, Oct
The Benefits of Prenatal Massage: A Guide for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation, but it can also be challenging for many women as their bodies go through significant physical and hormonal changes. Thankfully, pregnancy massage can offer a safe and effective solution for alleviating pain and stress while preparing the body for delivery and promoting overall wellness.

In the first trimester, there is a high risk of miscarriage and the mother-to-be’s body is still adjusting to being pregnant. During this time, a prenatal massage can help to relieve some of the early discomforts of the process such as back pain, neck tension, and leg cramping. It can also reduce the swelling caused by increased hormone levels and pressure on weight-bearing joints.

During the second trimester, the risks associated with pregnancy are significantly lower and the body is more adapted to it. Massage during this time can help to soothe achy muscles, improve circulation and increase flexibility. The increased hormone levels can also cause edema, which can be helped through massage techniques that target the soft tissues of the body. It is also common to experience issues with elimination and digestion, which can be helped through prenatal massage as well.

By the third trimester, the uterus is growing larger and can place pressure on the pelvic muscles and ligaments. This can lead to hip pain, leg cramps and swelling. The increased tension can also make it difficult to get quality sleep, which can leave the expectant mother feeling exhausted throughout the day. Prenatal massage can ease some of the discomforts, alleviate stress and even aid in the delivery process by easing muscle spasms that can be associated with contractions.

Before your prenatal massage, it is important to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and enhance the benefits of the treatment. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothing that will allow for free movement and breathing. It is also important to communicate with your therapist about how you are feeling during the treatment and any areas that may need extra attention or support.

If you are interested in scheduling a prenatal massage therapy, it is best to do so in the later stages of the pregnancy when the discomforts of the pregnancy have started to set in. However, prenatal massage is a great option for any stage of pregnancy and can be an excellent way to reduce the discomforts of a healthy pregnancy. Oftentimes, HSA and FSA plans can be used to cover the cost of a prenatal massage. Be sure to consult with your doctor before booking a session. For more information on our specialized prenatal services, give Midtown Family Wellness a call or book online today. Our professional staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about this wonderful and beneficial treatment.

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